Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do's and Don'ts while using an Apple iPhone

iPhone is a very prized possession. So, the user must follow some do's and dont's while using it.

  • Never touch the screen with oily hands. It will affect the display badly. Never let the dust settle inside the grooves at the edges of your iPhone. This may damage the touch sensors.

  • Use touch screen guard to avoid scratches. 

  • Use iPhone case to avoid scratches and wear tear. Keep your iPhone away from water or any harmful chemical that can destroy its electronics or touch sensors. Never bring your iPhone closer to a source of heat or fire like oven or stove. It may damage its electronic circuitry.
  • iPhone's outer body is not made up of a strong material. It can't protect the screen glass or touch sensors from jerks or shocks.  Never let your iPhone fall on the ground. Doing so, will definitely damage the phone.

  • Never ever Jail-break your iPhone. It severely impacts the data security of your iPhone. A Jail-break iPhone can be easily hacked or spoofed.
  • Regularly check for the latest updates for iPhone OS from Apple by connecting the iPhone to iTunes.

  • There are some Apps in Apple store which collects your personal information without your consent like phone number or age or service provider, etc. So, try to install only authentic and more popular apps as compared to less popular apps.
  • Do try free versions of games/apps before you buy them. Not all games are interesting. You may get bored on some games in just a weeks time.

  • Choose your service provider(if there is an option in your area) and data plan carefully. You can save a lot by carefully selecting the both.
  • iPhone is a very costly device, so never leave your iPhone unattended in public places.

I hope these points will help you keep your iPhone new and safe and let you enjoy it to the fullest.

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