Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best 10 iPhone Apps

There are a number of iPhone apps, I have used. Some were very interesting and helpful while others were monotonous and crappy. Below is a list of some extremely useful iPhone apps I have used.

1. Google Maps: This app is extremely useful if you travel a lot. This app helps the user navigate almost anywhere in the world. It just requires an internet connection to help you find the smallest and best way to your destination. User can find directions to a destination either by local transportation or by foot. It tells nearly accurate distance between two points on the map. A person can check the Satellite view, Map view or Hybrid view (a combination of both map and satellite view) in this app. This app pinpoints users location on the Map with a blue dot. It also helps the user in finding the traffic on a particular route, but currently this service is available in few areas only.
Google Maps
2. Weather: This app is really useful if the user wants to get certain that whether today it will be going to rain or not. This app helps user in knowing the temperature and weather conditions for next six days (including today). The service is provided by Yahoo!. User can find the weather conditions of almost any city in the world through this app.

3. Stocks: If you are an investment banker or deal with stock market, than this app is a must have for you. You can find the stock price of any company or financial institute listed anywhere in the world. You can find the graphic display of the values of the shares. You can switch the graph to display last day or last week or last month or quarter or half year or full year or even last two years stock exchange rates for particular shares. This app is very useful for stock brokers. You can even find the latest news related to a particular company listed in stock exchange.

4. Mail: This app really saves my time when I am traveling on some official trip. It doesn't require any log-in into my office mail server. It automatically checks whether any new mail has been sent to me. Its Push mail service is quite fascinating. I can send or receive mails from within my iPhone application. I can even import my office contact list or calendar events on my iPhone. I can change the font size to options varying from giant (very large) to small size.
5. PS Express: This is a great app for editing pictures on your iPhone. This app is provided by adobe. The app lets users crop, straighten or flip pictures. One can change contrast, saturation or exposure of the snap. User can also set focus and change the sharpness of the snap. User can even upload the pictures directly onto his face book account through this app.
PS Express
6. MiniPiano: This is one app which I love the most. This app lets the user play Piano on his/her iPhone. The experience of playing the piano on iPhone using this app is exactly similar to playing a real piano.
Mini Piano
7. Angry Birds: This is one of the best and entertaining game on iPhone.
Angry Birds
8. Flashlight: This app is useful if you are in urgent need of a torch light. This app turns your iPhone into a torch with variety of effects.
9. Farmville: If you are crazy about your farm in farm-ville, then this app is a must for you. It lets you play the game on your iPhone with full ease.
10. USB Disk: This app lets you store and read documents on your iPhone. This app supports almost all popular formats like pdf, doc, docx, etc.

USB Disk